Carl King

The Singer from the Sixties who disappeared... and reappeared in his sixties

Album release 2013

The album, ”The Regeneration of Sydenham Sid & The Penge Pioneers”, contains 13 tracks all written by Carl himself, with invaluable inspiration and support from Jes King and Søren ”Ziggy” Poulsen.

The title is in one way a friendly jab, albeit with a four and a half decade delay, at David Bowie, Carl’s old sparring partner from the South London scene of the mid-sixties, and Bowie’s 1972 album ”The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars”. But unlike Bowie’s album, it is an essentially down-to-earth compilation of songs chararacterized by Carl’s own personal brand of humour, irony, lyricism, nostalgia, tragedy and melancholy, coupled with solid melodies and intense vocals.

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The album is now available on TDC Play in Denmark, Spotify, Wimp and iTunes 

First video from the new album:

The single "Knock Me Down With a Feather" is now available at iTunes and TDC-Play